Content Marketing Trends – Video Voice Search and Interactive Content Strategy

Stable search results and impatient audiences have content marketers reevaluating how they engage their target audiences. Authenticity is in, and businesses that speak directly to their customer aspirations will earn the loyalty of their customer base.

Video marketing remains a popular strategy among brands looking to set themselves apart, while user-generated content, interactive media and generative AI are hot trends to watch in 2023.

Video Voice Search

Video voice search has emerged as an influential trend that influences how marketers engage their target audiences. People use natural dialog when inputting queries into voice search tools; videos have the capability of better matching this style than written content can.

To capitalize on this trend, ensure your marketing content is structured as questions or answers to make virtual assistants’ interpretation of it simpler for users. Conduct in-depth research to learn which queries your target audience might ask before producing comprehensive answers in your content marketing materials.

Integrating long-tail keywords and conversational language are also integral parts of voice search optimization strategies. Furthermore, ensure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly – these features receive higher priority when ranking for voice searches. Finally, engaging content like quizzes and polls can enhance user experience further increase your odds of ranking high in voice searches.


User-generated content, or UGC, has become one of the hottest marketing trends of 2022 and will remain so in 2023. Consumers crave authenticity and are more likely to trust brands when they see UGC that resonates with them; additionally, content featuring social media influencers increases conversion rates significantly; UGC that meets Google’s featured snippet criteria may even appear first in search results, driving even more traffic back to your website.

To successfully leverage UGC into your marketing strategy, it’s important to first understand your audience. Focus on providing value to users, and encourage them to interact with your brand. When Buffer engineer Andy Yates ran a TikTok campaign for his app Alpenglow via TikTok campaign, consumer searches spiked significantly because word-of-mouth spread among their networks about its popularity; UGC can be more cost effective than traditional advertising in this regard.

Voice Search Optimization

As voice search becomes the go-to search method, content marketers must adapt. Generating voice-search content specifically will become increasingly necessary to reach this expanding target market; this may include product descriptions and voice-activated ecommerce (VaEcommerce) experiences.

Voice search queries tend to be inherently conversational, so brands must use a natural and approachable language when replying to voice search queries. They should also take note of which keywords correlate to phrases consumers will likely use when conversing with virtual assistants.

Optimization of content for voice searches is vital to increasing visibility and improving SEO performance, including answering the “who, what, when, where, why and how” queries that often come up during voice searches.

Consider localizing and translating your content for different regions and languages, taking note of regional slang and dialect. Furthermore, creating interactive content like quizzes or games activated with voice command activation can be another great way to engage your audience and drive engagement.

Interactive Content

Video content strategy can be an effective way to engage and connect with your target audience on an emotional level, driving engagement and turning visitors into customers.

Video can also help your site benefit from voice search optimization, since natural language accounts for much of search query volume. To take full advantage of this trend, make sure that videos are properly transcribed with keyword-rich subtitles or captions to aid with SEO efforts.

Interactive Content (IC) requires interaction from its readers in some way in order to consume it, encouraging users to compete against, compare, and challenge themselves within it for long-term engagement and increased conversions. Furthermore, this type of media creates valuable feedback data which can be used to optimize strategies.

Staying current with digital marketing trends is vital to the success of digital marketing strategies in 2023. Staying ahead of competition means more leads and new business coming your way in 2023.

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